In The Wild

    The eagle activity keeps me going and going and going.

   Some migrant eagles, tired of losing their catch, have developed new fishing styles. This raptor caught two, figuring he'd at least get to eat one. Smart eagle....he kept the Walleye and tossed the Gizzard Shad.

            On a slow day, your camera wanders.

    Blackwater Eagle Cam Nest in this sequence....1-03-07

                       Into the setting sun.

 HannaII breaking branches... tries with her beak...pauses to rethink...muscles it with her talon...snap...and to the nest she flys.

                  The Catch and Parade Lap

    An in flight talon to beak fish exchange....this eagle was center focus all day.

         Nest rebuilding is well under way for 2007.


   February 24, 2007...the best mating sequence I've ever   captured.                    

Egg laying and incubation for our Susquehanna pair began around February 27, 2007. Mating continued during the first five days of incubation. As of 3-10-07 Susque and HannaII have returned to their normal incubating routines.

Another nesting pair that I will be photographing this season. This nesting season may be their first.

                                 The Eagle

                             And The Hawk

           Blackwater Eagle Cam eaglets...March 27, 2007

On Thursday March 29, 2007, I visited seven eagle nests to check their activity. The nest, in the above photo, belongs to the Highlanders and appears to have chicks.

                  The Perryville Park eagles are on eggs.

The eagles of Conowingo tower in Cecil County are on eggs but the nest on Roberts Island is inactive.

 Above the Mason-Dixon line in Pa. we have the Normanwoods and the Holtwoods and both pairs are incubating.

              The Holtwoods tower nest is not shown.

And last but not least, The Staffords, still mating during the last days of incubation with a due date around April 2, 2007.

      The Highlanders revisited...the "City Slickers" of the bunch.

      Our Susquehanna male brings an eel to the nest for the new     arrivals...April 3, 2007.

On April 11, 2006 one chick was photographed at the Highlander's Freeway nest.

   Two chicks were up at the Highlander's nest on April 17, 2007.

     The Eagle And The Crow...five screaming eagles this day.

                     Once in awhile I look down.

                      One of two Stafford chicks.

   As of April 19,2007 every eagle in this site and every eagle I capture in the future is dedicated to Louis Vogel.

On May 17,2007 the third eaglet at the Highlander nest appeared for the first time for the camera. This urban neighborhood will soon be swarming with eagles when the three eaglets start to fly.

    The Highlander nesting season was successful but the nest was    destroyed. Five full grown eagles were the cause.

This urban nest went through many name changes, The Highlanders, City Slickers, Urban Knights and finally Charlie's Angels. The first eaglet left the nest by June 8 and the second left by June 18. Number three could not break away until June 28.

         Branching along the Susquehanna on June 19, 2007.

    Susquehanna flights began with the first eaglet flying on June 20, 2007. The second eaglet went airborne on July 1, 2007. As another successful nesting season comes to a close for me it is just beginning for the eaglets.